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Canadian Anglican Cursillo Movements

Canadian Anglican Cursillo Movements


Province of Canada

Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador [Inactive]
Contact Spiritual Director Ven. Sandra Tilley

Diocese of Central Newfoundland [ACTIVE]
Lay Director Ruby Lockhart
Spiritual Director Rev. Larry Chatman
Palanca Chairs Thelma & Robert Stockley

Diocese of Western Newfoundland [ACTIVE]
Lay Director Marie Rose
Spiritual Director Rev. Roberta Woodman
Palanca Director Jean Pope

Diocese of Nova Scotia and Edward Island [ACTIVE]
Lay Director Barbara Sawatsky
Spiritual Advisor Rev. Fran Boutilier
Palanca Director Christine Scott

Diocese of Fredericton [ACTIVE]
Lay Director: Clyde Spinney
Spiritual Director Rev. Christopher McMullin
Communications Chair Deanna Morrison

Diocese of Quebec [Never had Cursillo]
Contact Most Rev. Bruce Stavert

Diocese of Montreal [Inactive]
Contact Bishop Rt. Rev. Barry B. Clarke

Province of Ontario

Diocese of Algoma

1. Algoma Deanery [Inactive]
Contact Name Not Available

2. Muskoka Deanery [Inactive]
Contact Rev David Hardie

3. Sudbury/Manitoulin Deanery [ACTIVE]
Chair Vacant
Spiritual Director Rev. Beth Willems (Topps)
Palanca Coordinator Name Not Available

4. Temiskaming Deanery [ACTIVE]
Lay Director Garfield McAdam
Spiritual Director Rev. Richard White
Palanca Coordinator Name not available

5. Thunder Bay Deanery [Inactive]
No Contact

Diocese of Huron [Working with Niagara]
Contact Marion Bailey

Diocese of Moosonee [Inactive]
Contact Office of the Bishop

Diocese of Niagara [Working with Huron] [ACTIVE]
Lay Director Susan Little
Spiritual Director Rev. Stephanie Pellow

Diocese of Ontario [Working with Ottawa] [ACTIVE]
Lay Director Jim Peters
Spiritual Director Rev. Janet Weller
Palanca Coordinator Ruth Smith

Diocese of Ottawa [Working with Ontario] [ACTIVE]
Lay Director Jack Barkley
Bishop’s Advisor Rev Canon Michael Flemming
Palanca Coordinator Bonnie McNally

Diocese of Toronto [Inactive]
Contact Rev. Dana Dickson

Province of Rupert’s Land

Diocese of the Arctic [Inactive]

Contact The Rt. Rev. Larry Robertson, Bishop

Diocese of Athabasca [Never Had Cursillo]
Contact Office of the Bishop Rev Canon Fraser Lawton

Diocese of Brandon [Inactive]
Contact Office of the Bishop Right Rev. Jim Niegoyan

Diocese of Edmonton [ACTIVE]
Lay Director Cliff Cottingham
Spiritual Director Rev. Nick Trussell
Palanca Coordinator Janice Adamson

Diocese of Calgary [ACTIVE]
Lay Director Stew Perram
Spiritual Director Rev. Pat Langois
Palanca Coordinator Don Bryant

Diocese of Qu’Appelle [ACTIVE]
Lay Director Gwenda Watson
Spiritual Director Rev. Dr. Trish McCarthy
Communications Co-Ordinator: Vacant

Diocese of Keewatin [Never Had Cursillo]
Contact Office of the Bishop Rt. Rev. David Ashdown

Diocese of Rupert’s Land [Inactive]
Contact Office of the Bishop Rt. Rev. Don Phillips

Diocese of Saskatoon [Inactive]
Lay Director Austin King
Spiritual Director Name Not Available
Palanca Coordinator Name Not Available

Diocese of Saskatchewan [Never Had Cursillo]
Contact The Right Rev. Michael Hawkins

Province of British Columbia and the Yukon

Diocese of British Columbia [ACTIVE]
Lay Director
Spiritual Advisor Rev. Rob Hutchison
Palanca Director Jennifer Lennox

Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior
(formerly Diocese of Caribou) [Inactive]
Contact Rt. Rev. Barbara Andrews

Diocese of New Westminster [Inactive]
Contact Rev. Melissa Skelton

Diocese of Kootenay [Inactive]
Contact Bishop John Privett

Diocese of Caledonia [Never Had Cursillo]
Contact Office of the Bishop Rt. Rev William Anderson

Diocese of Yukon [Never Had Cursillo]
Contact Office of the Bishop Most Rev. Terrance Buckle