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Canadian Anglican Cursillo Movements

Canadian Anglican Cursillo Movements


Province of Canada

Diocese of Central Newfoundland
Ecclesiastical Province of Canada

Barb Hobson         Rev Yvonne Thistle

Lay Director – TBA
Spiritual Director – Rev Yvonne Thistle
Palanca Coordinator – Ann Shears

Diocese of Western Newfoundland
Lay Director – Colleen Harris
Spiritual Director – Rev. Tanya White
Palanca Coordinator – Irma Moores

Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Lay Director – Sherryll Murphy
Spiritual Director – Rev. Michelle Bull
Palanca Coordinator – Stephen MacHardy

Province of Ontario

Diocese of Algoma
Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario
Sudbury/Manitoulin and Temiskaming Deaneries Bev Hatt          Anne Gould

Lay Director– Linda O'Neill
Spiritual Director – Ven Linda White
Communications – Marcia Grawbarger

Diocese of Niagara and Huron
Lay Director – Renee Anderson
Spiritual Director – Rev. Brian Galligan
Palanca Director – Rita Predon

Diocese of Ontario [Working with Diocese of Ottawa]

Diocese of Ottawa
Assistant Lay Director – Colleen Mayo-Pankhurst
Spiritual Director – Rev. Anne Quick
Palanca Coordinator – Karen Daley

Province of Rupert’s Land

Diocese of Edmonton

Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land
Jennifer Jacobs          Wendy Goodall

Past Lay Director – David Holehouse
Lay Director – TBA
Past Spiritual Director – Rev. Laureta Blondin
Spiritual Director – TBA
Palanca Coordinator – Kathy Hancock

Diocese of Calgary
Lay Director – Al Stretton
Spiritual Director – Fr. Matthew Perrault
Palanca Coordinator – Kerin Spaargaren

Diocese of Qu’Appelle
Lay Director – Jennifer Jacobs
Spiritual Director – Rev. Dell Bornowsky
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Province of British Columbia and the Yukon

Diocese of British Columbia
Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia
and the Yukon
Rev. Rob Hutchison     

Lay Director – Elaine Bradshaw
Spiritual Director – Rev. M. J. Leewis-Kirk
Palanca Chair Daryth Patten