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General Information

General Information


What it is
The Canadian Anglican Cursillo Secretariat (CACS) is the executive body of the Canadian Anglican Cursillo Movement. It is made up of volunteers representing:

  • the Ecclesiastical Provinces of:
    • Canada
    • Ontario
    • Rupert’s Land
    • British Columbia
  • Plus:
    • Chairperson elected by the voting delegates at the National General Meeting, and an
    • Episcopal Advisor appointed by Primate upon the recommendation of CACS for announcement at the National General Meeting.

It’s Authority to function
CACS operates under a Letter of Agreement dated May 15, 1989 with the National Secretariat of the Roman Catholic Cursillo Movement in the United States, and is charged in that agreement with maintaining the “authenticity of Cursillo” through the Anglican Cursillo Movement in Canada.

It’s Responsibility
It is the responsibility of the Canadian Anglican Cursillo Secretariat (CACS) assist Diocesan Cursillo Movements to remain true to the founders’ vision of what Cursillo is intended to do and how it is intended to function.

How it functions
Since each Diocesan Cursillo Movement operates under the authority of its Bishop, the role of CACS is not one of authority, but rather one of education and communication so that the leaders of Diocesan Movements will be able to make decisions based on a solid knowledge and understanding of what the Cursillo Movement is intended to achieve